Web Analytics

Web analytics help you to determine some traffic facts about your website like how many people are looking for your sites, blogs, where these leads coming from, how long this traffic will continue on your site and which are the pages. You can also determine how this traffic reached your website. This is an immense thing that can help you in achieving the success. In short, analytics can provide you with all the information that is important and will allow you in future to refining your marketing strategies and will also check the performance of your website.

We all love analytics and especially returns on investment. Spright Technologies Web Analytics team can assist you in understanding your website visitors. Our web analytics services are designed to suggest clients how to optimize their monetary arrangements more feasibly. Using their master aptitudes and experience, our experts will ensure that you get critical data and make required changes.

How We Use Analytics


Collect Data

First of all, we prepare a baseline so that we can effectively measure the success of your marketing efforts. With all the data collected, we have a baseline

Processing Data into Information

Data is then converted into information so it can be put to evaluation.

Developing Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

KPIs are very crucial for conversion optimization. The development of right KPI as per business needs and consumer’s demands, can help optimize conversion aspects for business.

Formulating Best Online Strategies

After the analysis on the basis of KPI, we put best of industry brains to formulate best online strategies for the future.

Key elements of Web analytics:

  • Conversion optimization
  • Landing page optimization
  • A/B Testing
  • M/V Testing
  • Dashboard Management
  • Google Tag Management
  • Mobile Analytics